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Many witnesses have reported seeing Ron Levin alive after the date of his supposed murder, leading Joe's defense team to conclude that, "He's a fugitive, not a corpse."

Being out on bail and wanted on major criminal charges, Levin, a notorious con artist, would have ample reason to fake his own death.

Unfortunately, jurors never learned that Levin:

  • Was free on bail, but facing 12 criminal charges and an FBI investigation
  • Was raped in prison during a previous incarceration, and swore he would "never go back"
  • Restructured his already-made bail arrangements at considerable cost, freeing his parents of potential liability
Where is Ron Levin?

The body of Ron Levin, the man Joe Hunt allegedly murdered, has never been found. Learn more about the Ron Levin mystery.

Posted by Free Joe Hunt on Thursday, September 27, 2018


Information leading to Joe Hunt's freedom could lead to a reward for you. As of September 14, 2018 we are offering a $100,000 reward* for evidence that brings about Joe’s emancipation.

This could be information about Ron Levin’s whereabouts and activities after June 6, 1984, or his plans to abscond prior to June 6, 1984, or other information that leads to Joe’s emancipation.

See all our news and updates on Ron Levin here.


To submit leads or evidence, please contact us:

    *Reward expires January 1, 2025 and may be renewed. If multiple parties contribute information leading to Joe's emancipation, they will each receive a pro rata share of the reward. Any dispute between claimants will be resolved by binding mediation before a retired California Judge acting as a neutral party. Judge to be selected by Joe Hunt, but with whom Joe Hunt has no prior relationship. Claimants, by the very act of making a claim against this reward, agree to accept this dispute resolution mechanism and any result thereof.

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