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Ron Levin had ample reasons to fake his own death. The notorious con man was facing multiple, serious criminal charges but out on bail at the time of his disappearance, and several witnesses testified under oath that they saw Levin alive after the date of his alleged murder.

More suspicious circumstances around Levin’s disappearance:

  • Shortly before his disappearance, Levin, who was on bail, released his father’s house from his bail bond collateral.
  • Witness Oliver Holmes testified that Levin asked him for information about the U.S. extradition treaty with Brazil, which indicates that Levin was planning to leave the country.
  • Levin’s upstairs neighbor Justine Jagoda, who frequently complained about noise from Levin’s apartment, testified that she was home with windows open, but heard no gunshot or scuffle.
  • A search of the BMW Levin’s body was allegedly transported in showed zero forensic evidence of blood or bodily fluids.
  • Levin’s hairdresser, John Duron, testified that Levin asked him about how to dye hair shortly before his disappearance, which Duron found strange, because Levin was proud of his silver hair. Police later found evidence of brown stains in Levin’s bathtub.

We are offering a $100,000 reward for new evidence related to Ron Levin’s disappearance. See this page for details.


Free Joe Hunt

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