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44,000 Strong & Growing: New Insights & Advocacy for Joe’s Freedom

Joe with his wife, Jamie, c. 2014

Dear Advocates for Justice,

We’re thrilled to celebrate a remarkable milestone with you: 44,000 signatures supporting Joe Hunt’s quest for justice! Within these pages, discover four new articles that offer a multifaceted look at Joe’s legal journey, from a fresh examination of his wrongful conviction to explorations of youth offenses, financial narratives, and beyond. Highlighted by an impactful 83-second video advocating for Joe’s parole, these stories are a testament to the power of collective advocacy. By sharing this content, you help amplify a crucial call for justice and reform, moving us closer to securing Joe’s freedom and challenging systemic flaws.

New Articles

A Miscarriage of Justice: The Overdue Reexamination of Joe Hunt’s Wrongful Conviction:

Today’s feature article calls for reevaluating Joe’s 40-year wrongful conviction, spotlighting new evidence and flawed legal processes. It criticizes the justice system’s preference for procedure over truth, using Joe’s denied appeal as a case in point. Urging legal reform and public support for Joe’s freedom, the piece includes key court documents and promotes #FairParoleForJoe, advocating for systemic change.

Why Joe Deserves a Chance at Parole (Video):

Did you know that all of Joe’s codefendants were either immune from prosecution, sentenced to 3.5 years, or won on appeal after 12 years with all charges dropped? Watch this 83-second video about why Joe deserves a chance of parole.

Ask Joe: Age and Accountability: Rethinking Youth Offenses and Rehabilitation:

Joe discusses the significance of age in accountability and rehabilitation, highlighting scientific evidence that the brain matures through late adolescence, affecting impulse control and susceptibility to peer pressure. He notes legislative changes allowing parole reviews for offenders under 26, advocating for fairness in legal treatment and rehabilitation opportunities. The article also reflects on judicial inconsistencies and the recent Supreme Court decision, underscoring the complex interplay between law, age, and rehabilitation.

Scam or Scapegoat? Rethinking Joe Hunt’s Financial Legacy:

This article sheds light on Joe’s story, challenging the narrative of him leading scams through the Billionaire Boys Club. Contrary to popular belief, Joe did not exploit his investors; losses were part of agreed risks with E.F. Hutton and Cantor Fitzgerald, not directly Joe’s liability. It delves into how Ron Levin, a con artist, significantly contributed to these financial losses, yet Joe’s intent was to protect his investors, even contemplating repaying them with his own money. This narrative contrasts sharply with accusations of fraud, highlighting Joe’s attempts to navigate financial downturns caused by external deceit. The article calls for a closer examination of Joe’s case, urging readers to look beyond media portrayals and advocate for fairness and transparency in the legal system.

Proven Innocent… But Still in Prison? Why?

Joe’s unique legal predicament underscores a systemic failure within the U.S. justice system. Despite possessing incontrovertible new evidence that could exonerate him if retried, Joe remains incarcerated due to procedural technicalities. Key testimony from Nadia Ghaleb, crucial in securing a co-defendant’s acquittal, was never presented at Joe’s original trial. Furthermore, declarations from jurors in a subsequent trial, convinced of Joe’s innocence based on this new evidence, are dismissed by courts citing evidentiary rules. This legal oversight not only keeps Joe unjustly imprisoned but also highlights the need for a justice system that values fairness over formality.

Thank You

Your participation is pivotal to the triumph of our cause. We’d like to encourage you to share this petition broadly; such action magnifies Joe’s quest for liberation and highlights the pressing demand for fairness and systemic change. United, we can elevate our advocacy, spread awareness, and ensure Joe achieves the justice he is due.

Katherine and Michael Olivier for Joe’s Family

Help bring more attention to Joe’s case for compassionate release. Hunt’s petition points to health issues, numerous trial irregularities, and new youth offender laws.

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